The forest edge body Zhenyuan seems to roar with joy and plunge into the cave like a dragon into the sea.

"Buzz …!"
Lin Yuan felt that his ears heard the vibration and roar from Dantian acupoint.
The forest edge truth element automatically forms a Sunday cycle in these holes, and it grows with each revolution, and the original light blue truth element gradually changes into blue color, and it is more and more enriched like the sky.
The forest edge moves the mind, and the mixed elements in the whole meridian move freely, and the roots have no sense of hindrance. At this time, the breakthrough in the body is instantaneous, and the influx of true elements enriches the forest edge abdomen.
At this time, the edge of the forest won’t know the importance of these true elements to itself, and the root of the real element can’t satisfy its own abdomen, and it’s not much to say that Taiyuan has suddenly flocked to the body through the blink of an eye.
A large number of true elements of heaven and earth, one rushing to the flesh and blood meridians of the body to refine the body, and the other rushing to the abdomen to turn into the blue truth like the sea.
About an hour later
Lin yuan opens his eyes and opens his palm.
A blue shimmer appeared in the palm of your hand when your mind moved.
At the same time, a momentum that is several times stronger than the nine realms of the day after tomorrow quickly diffuses to the center of the ear and palm of the forest edge.
With the acceleration of the forest edge, the true element circulates in the dantian, and suddenly the blue true element seems to appear on the whole roof, which is generally more beautiful in the sunlight.
Mind a hands-on heart blue mountain instantly dispersed the whole roof instantly restored to its original state, even a horrible momentum that permeated around it instantly disappeared.
He got up and had a comfortable stretch to end the whole night’s practice.
Although I haven’t had a rest all night, I have been in intense training, but Lin Yuan feels refreshed. Instead of feeling tired and sleepy, I feel comfortable, energetic and full of strength.
The last point of the pulse means that the strength of the forest edge has officially entered the half-step innate realm.
Half a step is born!
Stepping into the half-step innate condition means that a fighter really steps into the cultivation hall, and his personal potential will be continuously sent out. The strength of the forest edge has been fully increased many times, and the strength of the skin and bones has also risen sharply, and even the ordinary sword is hard to hurt unless it is a sharp weapon.
Half step congenital condition this is really stepping into the martial arts practice door.
A broader road and training in the future are waiting for the forest edge.
Practitioners cultivate the realm of the day after tomorrow, depending on the foundation to turn the body into a rock, just like a bucket with a solid foundation, the more water it can hold, and the more roads it can go smoothly.
During the two years, the waste in the forest edge has been continuously tempered to make the body stronger, which is also a little bit of accumulation to make the foundation of the forest edge stronger.
It is precisely because of this that the forest edge can make such rapid progress in less than a year, from nothing to the present half-step congenital condition.
Although I have my own mysterious jasper beads to help me, the hardships suffered by the forest edge period are not tolerable by ordinary people.
Jumping at the edge of the forest, the whole body is as light as a wild goose and instantly falls to the ground. A bright and warm sunshine pours in.
Lin Yuan relaxed at the door with warm sunshine in his body as never before.
At this moment, a martial road is truly exhibited. This moment has just begun.
I’ve been practicing for a night, and Lin Yuan is a little hungry. After all, Lin Yuan hasn’t reached the point where he doesn’t eat. Even a master of innate realm can’t not eat for a few days at most. It’s no problem. If it grows, he will die.
Chapter 50-Ranking Monument
For Wu Zong, the treatment of my brother-in-law is not bad. There is a separate courtyard, and every week, there are people from my brother who explain martial arts.
This may be very good for the younger brother, but Lin Yuan knows that having a younger brother is the core of Wu Zong.
Lin Yuan also knows that it is a matter of time before he reaches the innate state, and he has to go beyond the innate state, but all this is a matter of time, and now he is short of time
The younger brother is not his own goal, and in Wuzong, there is no master who can learn and practice on his own, while Wuzong is responsible for weekly guidance
This is one of the reasons why Wu Zongke can continue today.
They are looking for geniuses, looking for real geniuses. If a fighter can’t even do this, it seems that he will never reach a higher level by always relying on others.
Wu zong’s outer brothers are divided into four areas, east, west, north and south, but their eating places are indeed in the same place, which is also to promote monthly communication
Lin Yuan learned from Ouyang Xiu yesterday that everyone who has just entered the sect will send a Wu Zong to explain a set of black clothes and a skill.
Wu Zong’s explanation is mainly to introduce some history and rules of Wu Zong in clothes. Of course, it represents Wu Zong’s outer brother. The black clothes are different in the neckline position. The edge of the forest is the south courtyard brother’s neckline position sign, and the other three months should be marked with each courtyard.
In the achievement method, Lin Yuan is also very surprised that this martial brother from Wu Zong’s outer door is actually more advanced than the thousand-line town, which also makes Lin Yuan more yearning for Wu Zong’s department.
Although there is no need to snag one’s eyes on these achievements in the present situation of Lin Yuan, there are many martial arts achievements in my mind that are not comparable to these achievements, but those also need corresponding strength and the minimum requirement is innate realm, which makes Lin Yuan more depressed.
My cousins have three meals a day, which should be eaten together by the East, South, West, North and Fourth Hospitals in the dining halls of each hospital because of the regulations of Wu Zong.
When Lin Yuan came to the dining room, he was surprised to see that somehow many brothers blocked the dining room door at the door.
Surrounded by nearly a hundred Wu Zongdi, the four hospitals all looked excited and seemed to be arguing about something.
There are several Wu Zongdi who are making a scene.
"Look, Brother Lin is coming." An eagle-eyed brother of Wu Zongnan Hospital shouted excitedly when he saw Lin Yuan coming from a distance.
Others smell speech and look up with smiles on their faces.
For Wu Zongshi’s brothers, the strength is the same as that of the other brothers. Naturally, it is necessary to ask the strong brothers to know Lin Yuan from these people. It is probably because only four of them in this test of Wu Zongshi belong to the nine realms of the day after tomorrow, and four people go to four hospitals.
Although there are different forest margins, I don’t want to ask Wu Zong about things, but the most basic is also clear, otherwise I really can’t mix in Wu Zong.
"Great brother Lin is coming! Let’s make room. "
"Brother Khakhalin’s strength is high, and he will certainly teach these people in other hospitals a good lesson."
Lin Yuan is still confused at this time. What the hell is going on here?
I haven’t waited for Lin Yuan to ask, "Brother Lin, this new ranking monument, Wu Zong actually ranked you in the 56th place."
"Fifty-six?" The edge of the forest is at a loss.
The younger brother of the Southern Academy seems to have discovered the forest edge, but it is unclear. He hurriedly explained, "Brother Lin, this is the special ranking tablet of Wu Zong, so as to better know the strength of fighters in various academies. It is said that there is also a ranking tablet belonging to the academy in the ranking tablet. This is the younger brother." The young man paused and continued, "This time there are four fighters in the acquired nine realms, and Brother Lin is one of them." The young man said and looked at the forest edge.
"Since this time, Brother Lin has been ranked 56, which is the lowest strength among the four people." The young man once again looked at Lin Yuan for fear that this Lin Yuan would be angry because of the ranking questions, and it would be bad to fall on himself then.
Lin Yuan didn’t care and nodded his head when he heard this brother telling his heart.
It turned out that they were arguing about the ranking monument, and Lin Yuan also instantly made some people feel dissatisfied with their own ranking.
The crowd roared with excitement that the brothers in the South Courtyard surrounded the forest edge one by one, just like seeing the savior, and said happily.
What happened in vain after listening to a few words of Lin Yuan?
I didn’t expect to have just entered the private competition in the schools of Wu Zong.
Lin Yuangen didn’t want to compete for anything, and Lin Yuangen came to Wuzong to improve his strength.
This time, I didn’t expect Wu Zongxian to hang such a ranking tablet. People also know that Wu Zongxian wants his brothers to fight each other.
Speaking of ranking, it’s not practical, but if you really think it’s nothing, it’s a big mistake. First of all, ranking can arouse the sense of competition. No one is willing to rank among others, and no one can casually rank high. It depends on hard work and strength to get to the top. Of course, it doesn’t rule out that some people are self-indulgent, but after all, it is rarely negligible.
It’s Lin Yuan who doesn’t know. There is also a younger brother who became a younger brother every year in Wu Zongzhong. After all, it’s not easy for everyone to become a younger brother.