Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure is light and his toes are on a branch and leaves, and a light rainbow flies towards the Taoist temple in Shushan.

Flying for a moment, Zhang Zhongxuan crossed the Taoist Temple of Shu Mountain and flew to the west of Shu Mountain. It was in the mountain road to the west of Shu Mountain that Zhang Zhongxuan saw two figures. It was Shu Mountain that sent Zhang Zhongxuan. From the side, they were two Taoist priests in their twenties. They were holding a lantern in their right hand and holding a bamboo broom. They walked forward and listened to one of them. "It’s really dark. He actually told us to clean the Western Hills. He was afraid that the master would blame him and was busy copying, but he told us to clean the Western Hills all day."
Another Taoist priest also said, "Teacher younger brother, we are the youngest brother in the master. What’s more, we are in charge of locking things. It’s natural to sweep and copy scriptures all day long, but …" The man said, looking over to the Western Hills, he sighed and said, "According to my second brother, someone once cleaned in the Western Hills, and as a result, they were both physically and mentally destroyed because they accidentally touched the ban. That’s what I was afraid of."
"Brother, is this true?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word another sound se se way
"It’s absolutely true that the second brother said that the second brother has been in the pie for 70 years, so naturally there will be no fake. And you said that the second brother would lie to us?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"This …"
Just then, Zhang Chongxuan and Zhang Chongxuan flew to the front of them. Zhang Chongxuan patted his hands on the neck of the two of them, and they didn’t even moan like mud. The lanterns and bamboo brooms in their hands also fell. Zhang Chongxuan reached out and grabbed two lanterns and bamboo brooms and didn’t fly to his hands.
Looking at the ground, two Taoist priests, Zhang Chongxuan, showed a smile at the corners of their mouths. The appearance of these two Taoist children was too much for him. Zhang Chongxuan destroyed a lantern and a bamboo broom, leaving a lantern and a bamboo broom, and pressed the Taoist head with his own hands. These two Taoist priests had a low memory in their minds, and they were familiar with Zhang Chongxuan. The smaller one was called Zhiji and the other was called Zhiji.
Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his hand and closed the breath emitted by the two people’s bodies. Throwing them into the forest, he threw a smoke screen and turned it into a knowing machine. Zhang Chongxuan took a look at the forest and hesitated whether to destroy the body, but he finally forgot because in his memory of knowing the machine, he knew that the knowing machine had been waiting for him at home and didn’t want to let the knowing machine be ruined in his hands.
Zhang Chongxuan smiled bitterly at the thought of this. When he stayed in Zhangfu, Zhang Ai and his wife often asked him to give them a grandson. Of course, Zhang Chongxuan would not agree, but there was no way for him to always escape the entanglement of his parents in various ways.
"People shouldn’t kill more than they need." Zhang Zhongxuan shook his head and gave himself a far-fetched reason to step forward.
To the west of Shushan, the mountain road is winding and the mountain road is full of stones. Zhang Zhongxuan walked slowly along with the cool night wind. When he reached the top of the mountain, he saw two Taoist priests standing there. They saw Zhang Zhongxuan laughing. "Xiaozhiji, why is it your turn to clean this time? Isn’t it always your big brother and second brother?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhang Zhongxuan saw the path of two Taoist priests, "Back to the two uncles and big brothers who copied the mistakes and were afraid that the master would blame them for copying the orders and coming to clean the Western Hills."
The two Taoist priests laughed and said, "You’re still as honest as you know the machine." One of them said to his side, "Well, you go in and clean up, and stay close to me or your life will be in danger."
Zhang Zhongxuan trembled when he heard that his life was in danger. "That … that … I won’t go."
Another Taoist priest in situ laughed and said, "Do you want to go back and give birth to Sun Shouxiao for your father?" Another Taoist priest also laughed. It turned out that Zhiji’s father married and gave birth to a child after his mother died, so he sent Zhiji to Shushan, but who thought that one died unexpectedly, and his father has been writing to know that it is also under consideration to go back to Zhiji.
Zhang Chongxuan showed his blushing look, and his head hung low and he dared not speak.
The Taoist priest, leaning sideways, said, "It’s okay to follow Uncle Shi when you know the opportunity."
Zhang Chongxuan Trail "Martial Uncle, you won’t lie to me" These two Taoist practices at the entrance of Xishan Mountain are not low. Zhang Chongxuan certainly doesn’t pay attention to it in the middle and late period of Du Jie, but Zhang Chongxuan cares about the law of Xishan Mountain Mid-level Road. That is the highest plough sword array of shushan in the past dynasties. It is a strange science of shushan. It is a very powerful sword array made up of several people, but it is not made up of people.
Zhang Chongxuan once studied the array of the highest plough sword in shushan, and he also made a deep study of the array of the highest plough sword in shushan. There is a formula in the array of the highest plough sword in shushan, that is, the humanity is mysterious/the immortal road is boundless/the ghost road is joyful/when the door of life is open/the immortal road is expensive/the ghost road is expensive/the immortal road is always self-satisfied/the ghost road is often self-destructive/the high-definition spirit is beautiful/the sad song is too long/I only hope that heaven will become a reality/I don’t want humanity to be poor
This formula was originally studied by Zhang Chongxuan, but I think it is really a shock. Today, Zhang Chongxuan has gone from this plough sword array to a formation that is good at attacking, because the research area is to punish the demon in the town and do its best. You should know that people who fix the truth can’t climb with heaven even if they are strong, but the plough sword array is different, which is a firm but gentle sword, and then it is beneficial to understand the sword situation. That is, all the evil spirits in the nine places will be lost in the sword of the heavens and the earth, and both form and spirit will be destroyed! " Not without reason
The Taoist smiled and laughed. "I know this Xishan Mountain, but Martial Uncle is forbidden to joke with you, and I won’t joke with you here. Let’s go. Don’t go in after an hour."
Another Taoist priest, hearing what the Taoist priest said, also advised, "Go with me when you know the opportunity. After today’s cleaning, you can’t do this crime again, but you and I can’t bear it."
Zhang Zhongxuan gave me a nervous look and panicked. "Let’s go quickly, Uncle," he said, striding forward quickly.
Seeing this, the Taoist priest took the lead in walking inside and said, "Follow me closely and don’t leave me three feet away."
Zhang Zhongxuan well a naturally followed closely.
In the plough sword array, Zhang Zhongxuan can see that the other places are dark. When he takes a few steps, his body feels a sense of oppression. He knows that he has been in the plough sword array in Shushan for many years, and he feels that his body is hidden and sends out a tentative attack on him. He doesn’t want to quickly release his breath. It is more pure than the breath of Shushan. With the understanding of the formula of the plough sword array in Shushan, he slowly integrates himself into the plough sword array.
Since Zhang Zhongxuan has studied the plough sword array of shushan, he can definitely break it. However, the plough sword array of shushan is not only difficult to break, but also prone to fluctuations. Although these fluctuations are slight, experts in shushan can easily hear the news through these fluctuations, which is not good.
When the oppressive feeling of the plough sword array in Shushan towards Zhang Chongxuan faded, it was the Taoist priest who knew the opportunity that said, "Come in."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked up and saw that the Taoist priest was already in a cave. The cave was as spacious as a big square, but there was a very large stone pillar. This stone pillar was three feet wide and five feet high, giving people a sense of oppression. It was covered with several dusts, just like it had been placed on the ground for several years, covered with a thick layer of ash, but it was strange that the ash seemed to be stuck.
Zhang Chongxuan walked into the cave, so he didn’t know to put the lantern on, and then he picked up the bamboo broom and swept it to the ground. The middle-aged Taoist priest saw this and quickly pulled Zhang Chongxuan’s way, "I don’t want you to sweep this but that pillar." The Taoist priest pointed to the pillar in the cave.
"Uncle Shi wants to sweep that column" Zhang Zhongxuan asked in a silly way.
The Taoist priest said with a straight face, "Why do you ask so many questions? Just sweep it."
"Really?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump words. Zhang Chongxuan stepped on his right hand and suddenly slapped it on the Taoist belly. The Taoist priest snorted and bent unbelievably. Looking at Zhang Chongxuan, he slowly held out his right finger and wanted to point at Zhang Chongxuan. Unfortunately, his hand just moved and fell to the ground with a bang.
Zhang Chongxuan took a look at the Taoist priest lying on the ground, and then looked at the stone pillar in the cave. This stone pillar is the stone pillar that Zhang Chongxuan came to this trip. This stone pillar is called skyshatter column, which is another treasure-sending phase in Shushan town. The formation of skyshatter column is due to the ancestors’ intention to discover a piece of heaven and earth reiki in Shushan, and then it took thousands of years of hard work to refine it.
Zhang Zhongxuan picked up a bamboo broom and swept it from the top layer of the stone pillar. The skyscraper column is guarded in the western hills of Shushan because it is made of the aura of heaven and earth. Due to a characteristic of its native place, the dust in the air will stick to him from time to time, which will affect the absorption of the aura of heaven and earth by the skyscraper column. It is necessary to clean it regularly at night because the spirit absorbs the aura and the essence of the moon, and the skyscraper column is no exception. At night, the suction on its surface layer will be very weak, and it will take a little effort to sweep the dust stuck to it.
Zhang Chongxuan’s figure was swept up with a bamboo broom. It is also strange that the dust in the skyshatter column was swept tightly. Instead, it made a sparse sound and fell to the ground. Soon, the dust in the skyshatter column was swept by Zhang Chongxuan and appeared in front of Zhang Chongxuan. It was a stone column with jade and jade. Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his hand and touched the skyshatter column, and conveniently injected true yuan into it.
The skyshatter column was refined by the ancestors of Shushan. Although it is a stone pillar, it can become a qualitative crutch if it is injected with the real yuan. After the magic is urged, Zhang Zhongxuan suddenly feels a little bit of disrespect when he reaches out and releases the real yuan. When he enters, the skyshatter column actually slams into several stones and the whole cave shakes violently, and the lime on the stone wall falls like sand.
"pawn!" Zhang Chongxuan exclaimed that he was about to fly out of the cave. Zhang Chongxuan thought that the shape of the highest plough sword array in shushan outside the cave stopped and did not fly out of the cave. Instead, he punched the top of the cave with a palm and flew directly to the surface.