Sure enough, Fang Yin admitted "yes or no" without asking anything.

"Symbiosis" took his body and touched the surface of the vine, and then quickly caught the falling Xu Sirui. Otherwise, it would be impossible to accomplish these two things according to Fang Yin’s cautious personality and equal ability.
Qin Xu closed his eyes and showed a look that it really happened.
Fang Yin took the opportunity to order some ear studs and asked, "Do you really know about this thing?"
Qin Yigui shook his head slightly and said, "The identity of Lingbi No.1 and Zhao Yi is the highest confidential information in my office. Whether to publicly decide whether Zhao Yi will tell you about the institute when she is in Lucheng, I have nothing to keep secret. How much do you know about my base is the same?"
Before and after the No.1 incident, the Shancheng Research Institute led the Qin Dynasty to return to them, but it was only a part of the implementation of protection, not the core part.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four But dying
Fang Yin nodded consciousness according to the lower abdomen position.
This little move landed in Qin’s eyes, and the man immediately asked, "What’s the matter? There is another change? "
"hmm? No, "Fang Yin shook his head and said," I don’t really feel it at ordinary times, but it does have a tendency to control my actions today. Will it … "
Fang Yin’s eyes overflowed with some fear, and his fingers slowly tightened and clenched the crisscross folds of the material, as complicated as his heart.
Since it can manipulate Fang Yin to do something today, does it mean that this thing may control his actions one day … Controlling Fang Yin’s body is like a monster parasitic in his body, absorbing enough nutrients for years, and finally taking it away from Fang Yin’s body.
The feeling of losing control of his body made him uneasy.
Even if this loss of control has not caused chaos so far, it still makes Fang Yin feel that something is out of control.
Not being able to control one’s actions 100% is a very unreliable thing. Many people have concerns about it. From the bottom of Fang Yin’s heart, it is rare for young people to show a sad look.
"Don’t worry too much"
The shoulder sank, Fang Yin looked at the side of his head, and Qin Xu returned to press his shoulder and pinched it. He handed Fang Yin a sense of strength along his shoulder, revealing a forced smile.
Fang Yin said, "If one day our bank is completely out of control, can you … control me?"
Qin Xugui didn’t speak, put his hand on his shoulder and moved to the back of his neck, holding the soft meat together, pressing Fang Yin into his arms and rubbing it two times.
The man didn’t say a word of comfort, but the hug made Fang Yin temporarily feel at ease, and his anxiety was relieved a lot.
"Fang Yin!" There came Zhao Yiyin from the camp, shouting Fang Yin’s name at a distance.
Qin Yougui let go of the man who patted him on the shoulder and told him, "Don’t tell anyone about this yet."
Fang Yin nodded and said that Bai Zhao’s sound became clear. She came over from the camp with a dignified face and looked at Fang Yin, but she was silent.
Look at her face. It doesn’t look like anything good has happened.
"What’s the matter?" I don’t know what was Zhao Yi who looked at Fang Yin with some apologies and suddenly "hitched" in his heart.
Zhao Yi took a deep breath and moistened her lips before she spoke. The woman’s voice was lower than usual, and she was a little hoarse and dry. "My power can’t afford to hurt Xu Sirui."
Fang Yin blinked and didn’t seem to listen to Bai’s words and asked, "What do you mean, I can’t afford to hurt him?"
"I can’t cure him." Zhao Yi’s eyes lost their luster and he couldn’t see his emotions. "I don’t know why. I tried all the methods, but the power was like sinking into the sea and he didn’t get the slightest feedback."
"what other way?" Fang Yin asked, "Aren’t you a doctor, Sister Yi? No, can the power be cured in the ordinary way? Take medicine or something else. "
Zhao Yi slowly shook his head and said, "That’s the problem. He doesn’t seem to have any traumatic organs. At this stage, I can check it out and there is no damage, but his heart rate is very irregular, his blood pressure is very low and his body temperature is very low. In general, his vital signs tend to be in a bad direction, and he may stop beating and breathing at any time."
Fang Yin blinked blankly, and it didn’t seem too white. He was as slow as a rusty machine and stuck and said, "You mean he’s going to die."
Zhao Yi sipped his mouth and the corners of his mouth were miniature, but he nodded and said, "Maybe those vines have me. Xu Sirui doesn’t seem to be injured or dying, but he seems to have been drained of vitality by those vines. Treating this power can heal wounds and relieve pain. Even now, it can remove some negative effects, but it is still impossible to fill vitality. This may be the reason why my power doesn’t work for him."
"Zhao Gan …" Fang Yin hung down on both sides, slowly tightened his hands and spit out two words, which were scattered in the fog.
Zhao Yi said, "Do you want to go and see if he might wake up? He should be very eager to know that you are still alive."
Fang Yin wondered if Xu Sirui wanted to know.
The people lying in the tent were particularly pale, and the blood in their lips disappeared, and they looked weaker than before.
The clavicle is very protruding, and it should form a beautiful shape when attached to the shoulder. However, because Xu Sirui is too thin, it looks like a skeleton without meat and bones, which is a bit scary.
How do you know this kid …
At first, it seemed that Xu Sirui took the initiative to beg Fang Yin to cover his misery, as if a handful of Toxoplasma root could not be born independently.
But he is fragile and tenacious. If there is a little chance of survival, this guy won’t miss it. He has always been alert and cunning. Like a rabbit, how can he not see what is wrong with Zhao Gan? Don’t play the fool and be fully distracted. Stay away from Zhao Gan and compete with her.
Fang Yin fidgeted, grabbed her hair, and suddenly felt a little overwhelmed. Since she started the foggy dreamland life mode, Fang Yin’s life has always had an unrealistic feeling.
After careful calculation, it seems that he has experienced a lot of people disappearing.
When the fog started, they lost their parents and relatives and disappeared in the dreamland. Xiang Kaige was separated for a short time and never had a chance to meet Mao Chengcheng and former Tang Lanzhou and Fan Shan …