And sakura forest left that sentence in my mind at this time. You are a disgrace to the Leites family.

You are a disgrace to the Leites family.
"No," shouted Sakura Lin, and then passed out. Xi picked up the coma Sakura Lin and shouted, and finally they ran out with Sakura Lin in their arms. Where did they go? Of course it’s a hospital!
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"Europe, if you hold on, our horse will return to the royal family. You hold on," said the dog, looking at the painful expression of the ice pupil, but the ice pupil left a blank in his mind.
The car soon drove to the royal family, picked up the ice pupil and quickly ran into the royal family. "Doctor, call a doctor quickly." As soon as the dog stepped into the door, he shouted that all the attendants panicked when they saw this, and they hurried to call a doctor.
While the raccoon hurried to the palace with the ice pupil.
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"Where is this?" A girl looked around and asked anxiously, her little face was full of tears. "Mother Shar is here." Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of the girl. After looking at the woman in front for a long time, she suddenly smiled and ran forward quickly. "Mother, mother! ! ! !” The girl shouted and ran fast.
But when the girl was about to touch the corner of the girl’s skirt, the woman suddenly disappeared.
"Mother, where are you? Don’t play hide-and-seek with Shar. Shar is so scared! ! The Queen Mother looked at the bed with a sad look. The woman who called her mother cried unconsciously. He went to the bed and sat down. Then he picked up the ice pupil and put his hand on his chest. "Europe, what will happen to you?"
"Not not not don’t! !” Listening to a roar, Bing pupil opened her eyes, and she looked frightened and looked at everything in front of her as if things had just been experienced.
"Europe, don’t be afraid of me. It’s okay around you." Xiao comforted with an ice pupil.
Hearing people around you, the ice pupil could no longer restrain her fear that she would burst into tears.
"Brother Gou, I’m afraid I’m afraid!" Ice pupil can’t help whispering.
Chapter two hundred and four Reconciliation
"Brother Gou, I’m afraid I’m afraid!" Ice pupil can’t help whispering.
"Europe? What do you call me? " Hear the ice pupil so call yourself Xiao some can’t believe he will ice pupil body out of his arms and looked at the ice pupil face asked.
"I’m sorry for your hard work over the years, brother, but it’s not your fault. It’s all my fault." Ice pupil said with some heartache and some haggard face
"No, it’s not your fault, Europe. I’m really glad that you finally recognize me." I hugged the ice pupil happily. If you look carefully, you can see that there are some tears hidden in my eyes like a horse is about to fall.
"Brother, you’re strangling me." It’s rare to see Bing Pupil joking.
"Oh, I’m sorry, Europe, are you okay?" Gou quickly loosened her when she heard the ice pupil say this, and then carefully examined the ice pupil to see what was wrong with her. He couldn’t help laughing when he saw the ice pupil move like this, and then took his hand and said, "I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. What happened to the tower?" There is Yi Yi? "
"They’re all right. They’re in a coma because their arms and faces were burned, but they’re all right," said the raccoon, looking at the ice pupil. "Really? Who kidnapped the tower? " Speaking of which, Bing Pupil can’t help but be angry. Dare she kidnap Tayou, whoever it is? There is a dead end. At this time, the ice pupil’s eyes are bloodthirsty.
"I haven’t investigated yet," said Gou, because so many things have happened that he didn’t have time to investigate who caused this incident.
"I see. Let’s go first!" The ice pupil nodded and said "well". Then the dog nodded and walked slowly with the help of the ice pupil.
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"Shar, are you okay?" Just building the ice pupil to see Elizabeth *, the earl of Victoria and William Peilia and others are looking at her with a face of worry. Elizabeth * quickly got up and asked when she saw the ice pupil coming. This shows how important the ice pupil is in the royal family.
"menstruation, grandpa, dad, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it." Bing Pupil helped me to sit on the sofa and looked at them and said with a smile.
"You must pay attention to your health, you know?" Elizabeth * looked at the ice pupil with a face of love and said, "Good, good, really long-winded." Ice pupil could not help but complain but caused a burst of laughter.
"The Queen sought audience with the Three Temples" Suddenly an attendant came to the side of Bing Pupil and others and bent down and said "No". He directly refused "Don’t let them wait in the main hall". Bing Pupil suddenly said that the attendant looked at him and then looked at Bing Pupil and didn’t know who to listen to.
"Go ahead!" Gou took a look at the ice pupil. He waved and said "Yes". The attendant nodded quickly and went.