Huijue’s round face was dimly reflected in the candlelight. "After you were in a coma, he went to see a doctor, Ghost Grass. Herbs grew in the long river of fire valley and everywhere, and when he came back, he was covered in injuries … he didn’t want you to leave."

Taotao looked back at Nangong Dust.
The white robe swings to wrap the young’s thin and slender body in
Compared with the indifferent monster at first sight, his face has not changed, but his breath has changed a lot
Still silent, still quiet, but a little more lonely and will be discarded, broken and fragile at any time.
"How could he not want me to go?"
"Once upon a time, I traveled with Master and evil spirits raged. Although he had spiritual power, he rarely made moves. He said that people born in suffering were not the most painful, because evil spirits covered them. They had never seen the sun, but if one day they got a glimpse of the sun and returned to the dark clouds, it would be difficult to dispel the suffering of hell."
Taotao seems to understand.
Huijue melted the burnt hair into a cup and handed it to Taotao.
Taotao murmured, "But I scratched the soles of his feet."
The wild prison seems to have lost its meaning here when there is no alternation between day and night.
After drinking water, Taotao really didn’t think about the Nangong dust any more, and she didn’t do anything to leave. She lay on the steps outside the hut every day.
Either take a nap or stare at the gloomy sky in a daze or tease the bugs in the cracks in the stone with grass roots.
Huijue is very busy
Nangong Chen writes slowly, but Huijue is patient.
He prefers to stay in the cabin with Nangong Chen to study calligraphy rather than listen to Taotao’s noise.
He didn’t pay attention to him, but unexpectedly, he changed his indifference and refused to write earlier.
Taotao examines Huijue’s body. Although he has not cultivated the spirit pulse, he is full of spiritual strength and is a good seedling for becoming a spiritual master.
He, the monk and the master, is one of the few spiritual masters who are not affiliated with the royal exorcism department. Before the master died, he taught Huijue the method of cultivating spiritual pulse, and left the relic to protect him. Otherwise, the spiritual constitution of Huijue had not cultivated spiritual pulse, and all the dregs would have been swallowed by evil spirits.
Yu Nangong Chen Taotao also checked his body, but his physique made her puzzled.
His body has a faint force wandering in the bones of his limbs, but it works in a completely different way from ordinary spiritual teachers.
Orderly and orderly Taotao tried to make him practice spiritual power in a wise way.
Taotao believed Huijue’s words, and the power of destiny came from awakening.
It’s not time to wake up after seven hardships.
The grass root in Taotao’s hand was broken for the fifth time, and she looked back at the hut.
Huijue’s soundboard is just immature and somewhat awe-inspiring. "These techniques are all fragments, and even after the workshop, it’s hard to restore them with the greatest strength. I’m afraid it’s hard for you and me to be protected by the royal exorcism department. I haven’t seen many complete talks about restoration?"
Hui Jue stopped talking. Taotao guessed that Nangong Chen was writing.
The nangongshan dust didn’t write. He picked up a technique and looked at it.
Hui-jue sat on the side with a sad face. "It is still very difficult for me to become a powerful spiritual master with these."
Taotao leaned into a head from the door. "Aren’t you bored?"
The two of them stayed indoors and couldn’t get out of the Nangong dust. They didn’t need to eat. When they were hungry, Hui Jue ate some and took them to the wild prison to dry sesame cakes.
Taotao "I’m talking about mushrooms."
Hui Jue "has mushrooms? Cook for soup. "
Taotao "This mushroom is not another mushroom"
She took Hui-jue out of the house and confiscated the biscuit as hard as an iron plate in his hand. "Can you eat this, too?"
She threw the sesame seed cake back and Huijue picked it up sadly. "Don’t wave."
Taotao turned around and tried to pull the Nangong dust hand out to remember that he is not a child now.
-He has grown up.
Nangong dust let out of the hut
Taotao said, "I was wandering around these two days and saw a river in the east with wild vegetables. Let’s catch fish and dig vegetables."
Hui-jue said, "Isn’t that the black river in your mouth? The blackwater river is black and thick because the ghosts are evil and throw corpses at the source of the water. There are mortal bones and grievances. Can you eat fish in the water by eating dead fish? "
Taotao asked again, "What about the west stream? Is it also a corpse fish? "
The stream is clear
Taotao is in the middle of the stream.
A ghost, ordinary streams won’t wet her clothes, but she still holds her trouser legs and sleeves with a sense of ceremony.
Her arm has a red vine pattern, which looks very special, like printing.
She picked up a dead branch and made a hairpin. She turned around and waved to them with her long black hair like algae behind her head.
Hui-jue said, "You can play without killing bald donkeys."
Without nets and branches, peaches are still very skilled, as if they have been caught thousands of times.
Her cat was floating on the water with her hands around her waist. When she saw the shadow of the fish flash by, she resolutely held a small river fish with her hands.
She held the fish and smiled back at them. "Look!"
Huijue praised "awesome" politely and politely.
Taotao put the river fish in the basin on the shore, and with a sly turn of eyes, they dragged them into the water while they were not paying attention.
Hui Chueh-lai didn’t respond and planted directly in the stream.
And the nangongshan dust he stretched out his hand in peach peach that moment back half a step in the reaction to come over who the hand came from and then stopped.
He fell into the water with Hui-jue, and his clothes were soaked by the water.
Chueh-hui got up from the water. "Why are you so …"
Before the words were finished, Taotao slapped a handful of water in his face and soaked his bald head. "Hey, hit me!"
So the young monk calmed down and forgot all about being a monk and avoiding arrogance and rashness. He took a bucket of water and intended to raise it on Taotao.