China enterprises have expressed their willingness to sponsor billboards in Lazio training ground.

Also, China enterprises have turned their minds to Lazio training, that is to say, when Lazio warms up before the game or trains in peacetime, the training vests they wear will not appear sponsor advertisements.
There are also China enterprises that intend to deepen their cooperation with Lazio.
Seeing that so many enthusiastic China enterprises came to Lotito’s new stadium, their mind became active again.
The new stadium plan naturally brings him huge benefits, but at the same time it is really a good thing for Lazio club.
Because then Lazio ticket revenue will no longer be distributed to the Rome City Council.
Because of the money, it will be easier for the club to do exercises in various markets on the match day. Even if there is a plan, it will be too lazy to do so, because most of the money earned will be distributed to the city Council. If you think about it, you will feel that your heart is not as good as dying.
Juventus are also rebuilding the Alpi Stadium, which is now completely owned by Juventus. They intend to renovate the original Alpi Stadium with a seating capacity of 70,000 into a new stadium with a seating capacity of 40,000.
Although the number of seats in the stands is small, in fact, the Alpi Stadium, the former home of Juventus, was rarely filled with 70,000 people. On the contrary, because there are too many seats, the fans who are present are not satisfied with the stadium, which makes the stadium particularly spacious and easy to give the team a bad hint, that is, "there are not many people coming to see our game", which will affect the morale of the team.
But when they have a new stadium, the situation is different.
Ever-victorious later generations have briefly studied the current situation of Italian football economy.
After Juventus owned the new stadium, their income soared on the match day. Although the ticket price dropped, their income increased because all the money belonged to them.
Solotto’s idea of building a new stadium is correct, which makes Lazio better off.
But it costs a lot of money.
After all, Juventus spent 120 million euros on the renovation and reconstruction of the original stadium.
Lazio, on the other hand, wants to build a new stadium in another location, and the engineering quantity and budget are completely different from Juventus.
If there is no stable fund to support Lotito’s new stadium plan, it is doomed to be a mirage.
Now Lazio club has no economic crisis due to the source of savings. Their finances are healthy and Houdusse has become the only two clubs in Serie A that are not in debt.
Since there is no debt and no economic crisis, Lazio naturally does not need to sell its players.
These players are the cornerstone of Lazio’s continued glory.
Therefore, no matter how many transfers this summer, they will not get what they want.
I don’t sell any of my existing players, but I have to buy players from outside to supplement my strength. I am ready for Lazio’s multi-line battle this season
When Chang Sheng coached Lazio, he always came after the single-line war. When Lazio won the first Champions League, Chang Sheng believed that this team had adapted to the multi-line war, so in such a difficult situation last season, he didn’t say which side to give up, but insisted on it until the end.
The same is true for the new season.
If a team wants to be a giant, it is always afraid of multi-line warfare. What kind of giant is that?
Multi-line warfare is the norm for giants, and it is a common thing for giants.
If Lazio wants to become a giant, it must first adapt to the competition intensity of the giants.
Chapter one hundred and twenty An important member of Lazio
Since the end of the season, there has been a lot of news in the media about the transfer of Lazio players.
However, Lazio fans are much calmer after their baptism last summer.
On the one hand, they believe that no matter what happens to the team, Lazio will have hope if it is still in this team.
On the other hand, through last year’s events, they also fully saw the faces of the media, and the media said that they must remain skeptical first. What about the season when they said that modric was leaving the result? Modric stayed this season, and they said modric would leave. Why are they talking like this?
Although Lazio fans don’t buy it, the media still enjoy it.
Every day, there are many scandals about Lazio players and other teams in various media.
Modric’s Lazio midfielder performed very well in the season. Although he was injured in the last two months and missed the next game, his injury has almost recovered.
He didn’t leave last summer, and there are many clubs interested in him this summer.
Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are all interested in him.
Although david silva was seriously injured and missed nearly a season, he is still a hot spot in the transfer market.
He also has a lot of big clubs chasing him.
In addition, Motta did well in the two rounds of Champions League against Manchester United, and finally replaced modric as the new commander of Lazio, which was also dazzling.
Many giants have expressed interest in him, among which Inter Milan is naturally the most active.
Because Inter Milan midfielder Cambiaso is short of organization, Motta can just meet their requirements.
It is said that Motta is the player named by Mourinho.
Of course, unless Chang Sheng’s brain is pumping, it is absolutely impossible to sell Motta, who is at his peak, to Inter Milan, which really weakens his own strength and strengthens his opponent’s strength.
Because he knows very well what history Motta will play when he goes to Inter Milan. Inter Milan won the triple crown this season and Motta performed very well.
If Motta really goes to Inter Milan, Inter Milan will definitely be even more powerful.
In addition, players like Gotze, cavani and cazorla have received invitations from other teams.
Gezer can’t sign a professional contract with Lazio because he is under ten years old. More teams are watching him, such as Bayern Munich, the German Bundesliga overlord. They may think that their team name can beat the charm of winning.
But in this respect, winning always means trusting Gezer.
Lazio, cazorla’s main winger, also performed well as a guest midfielder. He has shown his potential as a midfielder. He has long been selected for the Spanish national team by virtue of his excellent performance and has gradually played a major role in the Spanish national team.
It is normal that he has many teams interested in him.
Besides these, in the backcourt, Juventus regretted letting chiellini go easily, because chiellini has proved that he can be an excellent central defender, and Juventus just lacks a good central defender now …
In the season, a full-back like Lichsteiner was not allowed to make a guest appearance for a while …
It can be seen that Juventus’ central defender is lacking.