The three women’s worries were revealed by Yuan Jun, all of whom were annoyed and suddenly said, "We are all Jianghu chivalrous women and we won’t be shy!" Left hand pulling Yang Kang, right hand pulling source coloured glaze generously walked into the ling Feiyang room.

Yuan Jun also wanted to come in and watch the fun song with smoke, but backhand locked the door and said to the crack of the door, "Just now, you said that you gave Ling Dage to us. There is nothing for you here! You certainly didn’t sleep well last night, so go back to your room and sleep! "
In Yuan Jun’s heart, some regret to return to his room, including smoke, and Yang Kang sat down on Ling Feiyang’s bedside source glass, but he couldn’t help but go to Ling Feiyang and put his arms around him.
"Lingjun knows that you have practiced the first feat to the highest level, and the three of us didn’t come to you …" The source coloured glaze got up the courage and said.
"I have suffered too much for you in the past two years …" Ling Feiyang’s heart pity could not help but hold the source glass horizontally and gently put it on the bed.
Qu Hanyan and Yang Kang went to the bed together to gently untie Luo Shang’s roll-up pillow. A few magic butterflies suddenly escaped from the source glass cloth bag and danced in the room. In the morning, the sunlight shot into the room from the window lattice, and the spring scenery was sultry.
Before you know it, it’s evening. Three girls, including Yanyan, Yang Kang and Yuanyuan Liuli, reluctantly leave Ling Feiyang’s room to get love and nourishment. All three girls are radiant and their mood is also improving.
Ling Feiyang had just rested for more than an hour after dark, but another beautiful woman came to his room. It was Han Xiaoying!
"I came to see you because I want to talk to you about Jinger. There is absolutely no other meaning. Don’t get me wrong!" Han Xiaoying said.
Although Han Xiaoying’s expression looks very serious, Ling Feiyang is aware that her real purpose of coming to her is actually no different from that of the previous four girls.
"Xiao Ying, you are not only a good teacher in Guo Jing, but also my good wife …" Ling Feiyang said, pulling Han Xiaoying’s small hand and dragging her to the bed. Han Xiaoying had already been unable to hold back and drilled into Ling Feiyang’s arms and kissed Ling Feiyang’s lips deeply.
It was four hours before Han Xiaoying left Ling Feiyang’s room. It was after midnight. Ling Feiyang was lying on the bed recalling the charming scene just now, but suddenly he found a flash of white shadow outside the window!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly put on his coat and sat up from the bed. He went over and knocked on the door and saw a gentle and graceful woman in the backyard of the inn. A laurel tree hung high in the sky, shining soft light on her body, reflecting that extraordinary and beautiful face like a fairy in the moon palace!
"Bing Xin …" Ling Feiyang called her name and walked behind her.
"It’s been a long time since this jade girl’s simple-minded swordsmanship was rusty and flying. Let’s practice together …" Bing Xin said that she took two swords from her belt and handed one of them to Ling Feiyang.
"Flower before the moon, drinking and drinking, crayons thrush, loose chess, night talk at the west window, Liu Yin couplet …" Both of them danced swords in the moonlight, but all kinds of experiences flashed in their minds over the years.
"graceful as a cover"!
Bing Xin’s whole body suddenly fell backwards, and Ling Feiyang jumped up with his feet propped up, and a split jumped over Bing Xin’s body!
"may the armor"!
Bing Xin has just started flying, but he has turned around and embraced Bing Xin with his arms around him. Then he pulled Bing Xin’s body and turned around, and his hands suddenly pushed him. It turned out that Bing Xin was thrown high!
Bing Xin turned his body very lightly in a turning point in the middle, and turned over the sword and stabbed it sharply!
In those days, the Jin * * team encircled the True Sect. It was this move that "May the real Sect" wiped out the martial arts far better than its own strong enemy, Samoni. However, it was precisely because of this move that "May the real Sect" almost separated the two men from each other forever.
"I’ve been waiting for this day for sixteen years …" Bing Xin couldn’t help but hold Ling Fei Yang hand and walked into her room after the two danced the sword.
Bing Xin feels like the snow mountain fairy, but in her mind, she actually wants to be a very ordinary woman. The pain of Bing Xin’s master Lin Chaoying’s life is actually because she doesn’t want to express her feelings. Bing Xin doesn’t want to continue this pain to herself. She doesn’t want to live a plain life of "joy and lust". She hopes that she can be happy and that her lover can be happy.
After going through the robbery and crossing life and death, now they can finally be combined with each other in one place, just like returning to that hazy bed of cold jade, picturesque and true and illusory.
At the moment of reaching the peak, Ling Feiyang suddenly felt a gentle and gentle qi entering his body from that quiet path. Ling Feiyang immediately felt refreshed and tired for two days. At this moment, it was actually eliminated.
"princess royal must have summoned you early, so I’ll give you some physical strength with this Jade Girl Heart Sutra." Bing Xin said with a smile that the spring of love poured out and watered it in the deepest part of his body to be continued.
Chapter 521 Jiangshan beauty
There are no roses and no red candles, but this room is still full of happiness and warmth. At this moment, princess royal Zhao Xuan is snuggling in Ling Feiyang’s arms, feeling her lover’s warm face and smiling happily.
"Ling Gong, do you remember the poem I read to you on the day we first met?" Zhao Xuan suddenly looked up and blinked his big eyes and asked Ling Feiyang
"Hemerocallis can’t solve the worries of strong men" Ling Feiyang immediately read it out and said, "Since Hemerocallis is A Girl Without Sorrow, I think this poem should be changed to" Hemerocallis can solve the worries of strong men ""
"You dare to change the poems of Meng Jiao, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty!" Zhao Xuan couldn’t help giggling, but then suddenly stopped laughing and said, "But you have changed very well. In fact, my greatest wish in my life is to relieve your sorrow."
"Xiao Xuan, you have done it …" Ling Feiyang looked at this beautiful and moving princess with tender eyes, and the scene of Xiangyang City emerged in her heart.
"General meng, don’t be trapped by the Mongols! I’m a dead princess, as well as the emperor’s brother and you DaSong soldiers! But if you lose Xiangyang, the whole Dasong will be in danger! " In the midst of thousands of troops, at the end of the impending death, this brave and fearful Princess Dasong showed unparalleled courage!
Princess Dasong’s courage inspired the morale of the people in Tianda Dasong and inspired the national spirit of Chinese sons and daughters who are not afraid of violence! It is this indomitable national spirit that led Qi Xin, a military and civilian in the Song Dynasty, to fight against Mongolia together. Although he has sacrificed millions of soldiers and civilians, he has finally entered the stage of strategic counterattack!
Now Princess Zhao Xuan is like an ordinary little woman curled up in Ling Feiyang’s arms. Their skin is tightly attached to each other and they feel each other’s body temperature, but their hearts are full of mixed feelings.
"Ling Gong, is it beautiful for you to feel a big Song Jiangshan?" Zhao Xuan suddenly grabbed Ling Fei whisking and guided him to touch his body with two fingers.
"Here is the western plateau, here is the Saibei Snow Mountain, here is the Jiangnan Pingchuan, here is the southern Xinjiang jungle …" Ling Feiyang’s fingertips gently crossed Zhao Xuan’s every inch of skin.
"DaSong miles away belong to you alone …" Zhao Xuan said with a blush on her face.
"Xiao Xuan, I will protect this beautiful land all my life …" Ling Feiyang said and covered her body.
Although Princess Zhao Xuan has a noble and precious body, she has now let go of her reserved and slender waist and kept twisting. With rhythm, two snow legs are shaking, pestering Ling Feiyang’s body, and her mouth is full of charming songs. The springs in the jungle are flowing one by one, and the streams are gurgling and wetting Ling Feiyang’s body and mind.
"The clouds are clever, the flying stars hate the silver and the Chinese, and when they meet, they win, but the number is tender as water, and the ritual is like a dream. If the two feelings are long-lasting, will they be in the morning and evening?"
"Alas, I am a country princess and share a man with other women …" * * After Zhao Xuan was lying in Ling Feiyang’s arms, there was some bitterness in her heart, so she said in Ling Feiyang’s ear
Zhao Xuan, who didn’t answer Ling Feiyang, also felt that this sentence was a little disappointing, so she continued, "I know that every woman in you has paid a deep affection for you, and I also know that I can’t monopolize you at all, but in my heart, after all, there are some princess dignity requirements. I hope you can promise me …"
"Xiao Xuan, just say it!" Ling Feiyang knows Zhao Xuan’s personality very well, knowing that she won’t make things difficult for herself and said
"First, although my brother once wanted you to be a DaSong Xu before his death, I don’t want the Manchu Dynasty to know what we are doing, and I don’t want you to be adopted by adoption in the palace. After the war, I will assist Quaner in arranging state affairs and then travel around the world with you in anonymity …"
"Of course I can promise you this, because that’s what I was thinking …" Ling Feiyang said.
Zhao Xuan smiled and then said, "Second, I am a princess after all, and I can’t play that kind of game with you like your other sister. Don’t come to me if you let her sister accompany you one night."
"Of course this is no problem. I didn’t send this game …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said.
"That’s good," Zhao Xuan continued after a slight pause. "Third, when it’s peaceful, you take so many younger sisters to live in seclusion in the mountains. I hope you won’t favor one over the other. I won’t let you neglect me or other younger sisters."
"This certainly won’t" Ling Feiyang immediately promised to think "Xiao Xuan proved to be reasonable. None of these three requirements is too much …"
"It seems easy to do, but it is difficult to do it. One of the reasons why my father was poisoned by Queen Yang was that he had neglected Queen Yang before," Zhao Xuan went on to say.
"This analogy of yours is really appropriate. I just praised you for being reasonable in my heart …" Ling Feiyang said to himself, "Don’t worry, I won’t neglect each of your younger sisters …"
"Do you know how the emperor arranges his concubine to accompany him to bed every night?" Zhao Xuan continued, "Every night at dinner, the steward will send a green card with the princess’s name written on it. Which card will the emperor turn over on the table? This princess will be favored. To be fair, anyone who has been turned over will be hidden by the steward until a round."
"You don’t want me to do this …" Ling Feiyang asked with a wry smile.
"You and I want you to enjoy the emperor’s treatment in philanderer? But I can’t think of a better way … "Zhao Xuan said.
"We’ll talk about it then, but it’s really inappropriate for you to compare me with the emperor …" Ling Feiyang said.
"I know this …" Zhao Xuan smiled and said "the emperor is a kind of need for the princess; And you are full of love for us … "
Zhao Xuan said that she couldn’t help but put her arms around Ling Feiyang’s neck and put her tender red lips on Ling Feiyang’s cheek to be continued.
Chapter 522 Gongsun Zhi captured alive.
Three days later, Ling Feiyang led the Song Kingdom to leave Huashan and rushed to Song Guojing, an important town on Hubei Road, Xiangyang City. Although Zhao Xuan could not bear Ling Feiyang, she was still a state official and returned to Lin ‘an with soldiers, and her father-in-law also accompanied her.
Marshal Meng Gong learned that Ling Feiyang’s return to Xiangyang also brought hundreds of masters of the Song State. He couldn’t help but be delighted. When he was about to belong to the generals, he called to Marshal Fu Ling Feiyang to discuss the counterattack plan together.
After a whole day’s discussion, Meng Gong finally made a battle plan and decided to take the initiative to attack the Mongolian army commander Chagatai three days later!
"Will Qiu Qianren go to Brother Diao again if he fails to sneak attack?" Ling Feiyang suddenly thought of this matter and decided to visit a god carving again, so he came to the valley where he lost his life and buried his bones.
Ling Feiyang just walked into the cave and was greeted with wings, but he didn’t make any affectionate moves. He cried "tweet" in his mouth and didn’t know what it meant.
"Is Brother Diao in trouble again?" Ling Feiyang was thinking about the condor when his left wing suddenly patted Ling Feiyang’s shoulder and then turned and walked out of the hole.
Ling Feiyang followed the condor and came to the front of the cliff behind the cave. The condor’s two claws climbed the cliff recess and climbed to the cliff half-way platform. Ling Feiyang also used his flying skills to climb the hide the sword platform with the condor.
However, those small stones piled on the platform have been thrown out of the surface, and the green flag and the three swords placed on the green flag have all been traced!
"These three swords were stolen! No wonder the condor is in a bad mood! " Ling Feiyang thought quickly and asked the statue, "Did you see who stole the sword?"