I don’t know who said it first.

Then the undercurrent became softer as if waiting for something.
Then they saw several soldiers and crabs, and this time they no longer knew how to kill as before.
Ziyun proud sword seems to have been determined to rush out.
But who knows that in a second, those soldiers and crabs will kneel down. 134 Chapter 134 Demons are all beautiful. 3.
The front row of soldiers and crabs will kneel, and then the second row will kneel, followed by the third row and the fourth row …
Orderly and spectacular
When all the departments prostrate themselves to three people, it seems that it is white. Why doesn’t kneeling mean surrender?
It seems that we have successfully brought down this group of soldiers and crabs!
However, it suddenly occurred to me that these idiots were so angry when they crawled over to catch me. Don’t let them die if they kneel on my body now! I feel sorry for the blood I just dropped!
"You idiots can solve the problem by kneeling down!" I vented my anger.
According to the normal plot, those soldiers and crabs should kowtow and beg for forgiveness with trepidation, but this story obviously deviates from the normal route. In the face of my angry and cold questioning, no one is moving …
What’s going on here? I’m completely black-faced
Seeing a turtle kneeling in the first row, he truly shouted, "It’s a welcome to the queen."
"The queen’s pursuit of Hongfu will last forever …"
At this time, he took the lead in another lobster mouth. "We, the Queen, will follow the Queen to the death at your command."
I feel more angry than you know who I am! ? It’s a bunch of idiots. Every idiot in the White Dragon Palace is blind. I glanced at everyone angrily, which is even more contemptuous. Why is everything in the Dragon Palace so ugly?
Ziyun Aokou is about to see the White Dragon.
I’m even more unhappy. Looking at her is like looking at a snob. When I’m done, I’ll dump him and ignore him. I put the Ziyun proud mask into her hand. "Put on your mask." Bailong likes to compare beauty with others best. I’m too troublesome.
She doesn’t know that Bailong can’t help but compare with others when he sees people who are better looking than himself. He can haunt me for thousands of years!
Soon the white dragon came, playing with his horns in one hand and holding a mirror in the other, as if the horns were the most beautiful in the sky, and the baby could never get tired of it.
Bailong took a cold look, and my eyes were full of words: I hate you, I don’t like you, and you make me very unhappy.
I know that I haven’t seen you for years and I am more beautiful than before. He will never be better than me and he won’t admit it, so his attitude will become so disgusting.
"I said the red goblin, maybe you are also interested in palace horns? Actually, Zhou Zhang came to visit me. "When White Dragon said the last two words, his eyes were surprisingly cold, but it seemed to be an illusion.
He still looked at his face in the mirror as if he were satisfied with his face and the horns on his head.
"You this broken dragon palace is not a great god a finger strength big Zhou Zhang? You also think of yourself as the Dragon Palace, don’t you, boy? "I am full of scorn.
White dragon certainly won’t listen to not to come out his eyebrows and said, "You’re here to repair the palace? !” As he spoke, he touched his horns and looked at his face in the mirror, still intoxicated, as if lamenting how there could be such a beautiful man in the world.
I hate that he didn’t play like a woman. He didn’t look in the mirror and raised his eyebrows. "The Great God wants to play with the diagonal of your head."
Bailong continues to be narcissistic. "Don’t you think the long palace face is more beautiful?"
I said coldly, "Your face is as ugly with or without horns. Chapter 135 Demon’s thousand charms are strange."
The white dragon’s line of sight finally moved from the mirror for a moment. He Leng Mei roared, "Red goblin, you want to die."
I shrugged off his anger. "I really want to die for fear that you won’t become a great god."
"Hum, today I took a look in the beauty mirror, which specially looks at the most beautiful woman in the world. You will know whether it is you or me in the final analysis." White Dragon said here that he was complacent.
"A man always knows beauty is a fool," I sarcastically said coldly. "No matter how ugly you are, you will always be ugly." I don’t know how many years have passed and he won’t give up.
Bailong choked back his anger and smiled at himself in the mirror and said airily, "Xiaomei, hurry up and look after who is the most beautiful in the world."
It seems that he has improved the mirror, but it can’t be said that looking in the mirror will make him lie.