When Emperor Qiming was buried, Shangjing, which served the national mourning, immediately resumed its prosperity. Pedestrians jostle shoulder to shoulder in the long street, shops are full of signs, and hawking is one after another, which is very lively.

The fifth volume Xian Tan Lou Chapter IV Revenge (on)
The fifth volume Xian Tan Lou Chapter IV Revenge (on)
Walking through the hustle and bustle of people, Xin Tong suddenly remembered the piece of Yu Pei that Shi Lao thief asked him to "take", and he felt a big head. Do you really want to "take"? It seems that this is the only way to go. Pretending not to see that piece of Yu Pei and leaving Nanhande, with Xin Tong’s temper, this kind of thing can’t be done anyway. It’s just that Yu Pei hangs on the little emperor’s body, and he stays with him day and night. How can he "take it"?
Xin Tong, whose skin color was changed by Bi Youxian Tanlu, changed from black to white, and looked like a crown jade against the background of Sun Damo, who was black at the bottom of the pot beside him! When walking, the black hair fluttered and the robes fluttered. In addition, the figure was huge and imposing. Compared with those pedestrians who were at least a head shorter than him, it was tantamount to standing out from the crowd.
There is no girl who has lived without being firmly absorbed by him and unconsciously stopping to watch; If it is swept by his slightly confused eyes, it can’t help but spread peach blossoms on the ground.
It’s just that Xin Tong’s mind is focused on how to "get" Yu Pei unnoticed. Although he is in the downtown area, he turns a blind eye to everything and wandered around with Sun Damo.
Walking through a crossroads, there was a sudden silence in the crowded long street, and then countless people burst out with a light shout full of surprise at the same time.
From the noisy pole to the quiet pole and then to the noisy pole, such a huge contrast finally woke up Xin Tong, who was wandering outside.
What appeared in Xin Tong’s sight was an eight-lift soft sedan chair with an extremely luxurious appearance. Xin Tong was shocked and surprised after only one look.
The bearers of that soft sedan chair turned out to be eight young women of similar height!
What is even more amazing is that. These eight women are all beautiful, or rich, or slim, or pure, or charming, with bright eyes like stars and eyes like water, but all of them are extremely rare human beauty!
More than that, on both sides of the soft sedan chair, there were two stunning girls who were better than eight sedan chair women in appearance and temperament, even compared with Qin Yuhan and Grass!
These four stunning girls hold jade flutes that are green and dripping. Play while walking. White clothes are like snow, people are as pale as chrysanthemums, jade hands hold bixiao, and crimson lips start fairy sounds. Only this scene is enough to fascinate people, not to mention the euphemistic sound of the flute, which is like whispering in the ear, making people feel like they are in a fairyland.
What kind of characters are so ostentatious?
Pedestrians who heard the sound gathered in this long street from all directions, and the soft sedan chair carried by four stunning beauties and eight beautiful girls only walked for dozens of feet. Both sides of the strip have been filled with people of all colors. After the initial surprise and shock, the curiosity of ordinary people emerged irrepressibly, and they speculated in low voices with familiar people.
The low words of countless people have become a huge noisy sound, but strangely enough, the low flute sound has not been drowned by this huge sound, and it is still so clear in Xin Tonger, which is hundreds of feet away from the soft sedan chair.
"Maids are so beautiful, the woman in the sedan chair must be ten times more beautiful than a fairy!" Sun Damo stared at the soft sedan chair and said it with great certainty.
Xin Tong cast a glance at the soft sedan chair. Asked: "No matter how sharp your eyesight is, even if you can penetrate the clouds, you still can’t see through the thin curtain. How do you know that there must be a beautiful woman in the sedan chair?"
"What’s the difficulty?" Sun Damo opened his mouth wide and said, "Those eight girls are thin and weak, and they are so beautiful. As long as men don’t have the heart to let them do the rough work of carrying sedan chairs! This is one of them, which means that it must be a woman in the sedan chair! Secondly, if a woman is ugly, she will definitely not find someone more beautiful than her as a maid, which will make her look even uglier. This is human nature. Those twelve girls are so beautiful, how can their owners be ugly? Only look better! "
Regardless of whether the conclusion is correct or not, it has already made Xin Tong sit up and take notice of him that Sun Dahun can say such clear words. Moreover, his inference is very reasonable, and Xin Tong also thinks that the people in the sedan chair must look better than the gods. So I didn’t leave. Standing at the crossroads with Sun Damo, looking forward to seeing the peerless beauty in the sedan chair.
The soft sedan chair, carried by eight young beauties and followed by four stunning people, gradually reached the crowd in the expectation of two people.
I don’t know why. In Xin Tong and Sun Damo standing around, Zhang Xu was empty, and they looked directly at the soft sedan chair, without any obstacles.
Xin Tong, who is standing there with a negative hand, is no longer the original sunspot. His black hair dances in the oncoming wind, and his ink-thick lying silkworm eyebrow adds three points of heroic spirit to his Zhang Guanyu-like face. His eyes, which seem to have thunder and lightning dancing in them, and his massive body make him look like an insurmountable towering mountain.
Such a character can’t attract people’s attention. Under the gaze of Xin Tong, four girls in front of the soft car and four girls on both sides of the soft car, more than half of them got red in the face. As the distance between the two sides narrowed, the girls’ jade face became more and more hongxia, and the original three girls looked more calm and gradually showed a little panic.
The girls carrying soft cars stopped in front of Xin Tong.
Looking at these red-faced beauties with low eyebrows and shy faces, it is beyond words to describe the coolness of Xin Tongxin’s head at this moment! "White face is good! Haha, it seems that I can say goodbye to the boy chicken soon! Ha ha ha! "
As soon as the curtain was lifted, a face stuck out of the car window.
Looking at the face in front of him, Xin Tong’s joy vanished. After remembering the anticipation just now, a word suddenly floated to his mind.
Reality is always cruel and very, very merciless!
What he expected was a man’s face! And … it’s …
This face is narrow at the bottom and sharp at the top, but it is surprisingly wide in the middle. Two sparse eight-character eyebrows, a pair of puffy fish-bubble eyes, but a blood basin mouth was born under the nose of the eagle hook-what a blood basin mouth, the left corner of the mouth was pulled to the left ear, and the right corner of the mouth was pulled to the right ear. It’s really a cross-thing.
On this head, the only thing that can be barely contacted with the peerless fairy is the shiny black hair. As for the appearance of this face, it is an ugly word even in men.
Such a huge gap, even if the heart is strong and strong as Xin Tong, I can’t stand it. My legs are soft and I almost sit on the ground. Sun Daheita beside him opened his mouth wide. Pointing at the man, he kept talking. But he couldn’t speak.
The ugly man looked at Xin Tong for a moment, and the two fish’s eyes became brighter and brighter. Suddenly, he said, "Get off the sedan chair." Although this man looks a bit ugly, his voice is quite rich and comfortable to hear.
Eight sedan chair beauties dropped the soft sedan chair, and the man got off the sedan chair and went straight to the front of Xin Tong, making a deep bow. Tao: "I’m a handsome young man, and the cursive word is romantic …" The man said, picking up his forehead hair with his hand, and then holding his head up, saying: "Most people who know me well call me a handsome young man … May I ask your name?"
Xin Tongqiang braced himself and returned the gift, saying, "My last name is Xin, and there is no difference in cursive characters." Heart way: "grow into this virtue is handsome? I think it’s almost the same to call a failed man … Hey hey, a failed man … "Eyes swept the stunning women who were fat and thin and had different temperament behind the failed man, and they were greatly indignant. "This boy is already ugly on this dunghill, but there are so many beauties!" the tunnel replied. Lao Tzu is powerful and fierce, and now he is white and handsome, but he is still a shameful young chicken … Many flowers are inserted in such a pile of cow dung, grandma, is this justified? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.