It seems that it is difficult for several people to see that Nite will fall to four people from the sky with a wave of his hand, and Yang Ye and the blue-and-white snow display panel have also appeared.

[You have learned [riding elementary (temporary)]
By riding!
Riding is only after the mount comes out, you will have the skills to ride on the mount. Now there is no np in major cities who can learn riding. Nite gave several people riding with a wave of his hand, and even his followers can do it. It can’t be more embarrassing.
Unfortunately, it is temporary.
Will the emergence of horses in riding mean another era in the game? Is the mount age finally coming? Is heavy knight spring finally coming?
When it’s urgent, chase Ham.
Yang Ye walked up to a war horse, which was pure in color, full of fat muscles, explosive in appearance and smooth in mane. At first glance, it was a good war horse.
It’s a pity that even Yang Ye can’t see the attribute.
As soon as Yang Ye pulled the reins with his left hand, he felt like a horse who had studied riding for decades, and so did others. Even Lilina, who had always been clumsy, quickly climbed the horse and was excited to play with the reins.
"Warriors must succeed!" Nite avenue
"Please be sure to succeed!" A row of people behind followed shouted.
"Please rest assured that we will succeed" table to comfort Yang Ye or said, then-
"Go!" Yang Ye shouted, the war horse leaned back and lifted its forelimbs, and then a burst of horseshoes was urgent. Several people in Yang Ye recovered in the direction of Hamm’s disappearance …
Tammy watched a few people disappear, and his little heart was full of envy. He also wanted to be like a warrior, riding a strong and powerful sword and chasing and bullying his own people-he would definitely after the meeting.
"Uncle Nate, I want to be a brave knight," Tammy said heavily beside Nate.
Nite didn’t speak, just glanced at Tammy, who used to be a knight.
Fashion is still early. In the game, the morning sun has just risen, and the fog has not dissipated. Dewdrops are covered with grass. It is very urgent to walk along the road leading to Wangcheng. He looks back from time to time and seems to be behind the tension. His right hand deliberately moves back to facilitate the knife to come out at any time.
It’s Ham.
"How fast!" Ham frowned, and his opponent was very fast. He was very tired after running around all night in hakodate, and he didn’t feed any forage. Now he is rushing to run and can’t win, so he can rest his horse all night.
I can’t go like this.
Ham scowled and rode a little further. He suddenly pulled the horse’s head and turned the direction at an angle-the straight line was not the city but the mysterious lake.
On the one hand, going to the lake of Mystery Light can make people in the rear pursue a distance in vain, and they will certainly keep pursuing themselves ahead, but in fact they have changed their direction; On the other hand … To be continued.
Chapter 165 Silver Leaf Knight Hamcan!
Miguang Lake is located in the northern part of Sa Ding Royal Xiaoli, and you can reach the scenic Miguang Lake by walking northeast along the west Sa Ding mining area.
There are all kinds of wild monsters around the lake, even outside. There are no living things, some are fierce, and some are harmful to people and animals. If you are cheated and wait for you, you will die.
The Mystery Lake is so big that it doesn’t freeze in spring, summer and autumn, and it is sparkling in the sunshine. Among them, there are also wild monsters living in it. They are huge, small and mysterious. The Lake is adjacent to the Sa Ding Plain. Strictly speaking, it is the Sa Ding Plain, but for the convenience of finding the way, the Sa Ding royal family divided the Mystery Lake separately.
The area around Miguang Lake is collectively called Miguang Lake.
Sa Ding people care about this area, and residents are not allowed to come here even if the grass is fresh and fertile.
There are many wild horses around Miguang Lake.
Wild horses are all first-class and good horses after taming the wild.
On taming the abyss of wild animals has always been a specialty, which is why they have so many mysterious species, some of which are transformed or artificial, and more of which are achieved by taming wild monsters.
Sa Ding people are also abyss people, even though they have been away from the abyss for several years and away from the war for several years, this skill will not be forgotten by Sa Ding people, so wild horses here have become their best training objects.
Protecting wild horses from heaven has become an important matter.
Silver leaf knight? The captain of the Sa Ding Plain Scout Team sent by Hamm Sa Ding’s royal family did not patrol the strongest white horse as usual today, but he was quite embarrassed to dash his white horse in the plain-he also looked tired on a snowy night, panting and puffing, and his horseshoes were heavy, which was obviously caused by a long journey without rest.
Ham is a little worried about the snowy night. This snowy night was given to him by his father on his first birthday. He has been with Ham for many years. Usually, the patrol roots are not willing to let the snowy night get so tired, but now …
Ham’s palm rubbed against the back of the hakodate to soothe it. It was almost tiring on the hakodate.
In order to reduce the burden of hakodate, he has discarded his heavy armor and water bags from the east and west. It’s really a good horse to last so long in hakodate, but …
Ham looked back at the back and there were four black dotted figures faintly visible.
"Have you made track for it?" Ham whispered that his voice was a little broken.