However, considering the image of Brother Leng, Mad Dog Dragon still endured it.

"Well, old uncle, you say less!" I missed you for a second and waved with a smile. "How many years have you been doing those things? Today, the old guys are reunited and don’t say those things. "
She proved to be a prestigious vice president, so it’s not good for her brother-in-law to shout anything and sit on the sofa.
"Cucumber brother Lengfeng, is he okay now?" A beautiful woman with pure temperament and long skirt asked that the id on her head was "North Snow Chu Qing"
According to the description of the cold front, Beixue Chu Qing is also an old friend. It used to be good, but later, as she left to get married, everyone went further and further.
Mad dog dragon replied, "Brother Leng is fine in exile."
Naturally, he refused to say that the cold front is now a top assassin in the Jianghu. It is better to keep a low profile for fear of scaring everyone.
"Feng eldest brother now engaged in what line of work? He used to be very good at fighting. Is it a senior combat profession now? " Asked this is Xiaomi, a clever little beauty, Lengfeng used to take care of her, but like Beixue Chu Qing, she married Xiaomi and Lengfeng left, and everyone reconnected.
Mad dog dragon dozen ha ha "this ….. cold elder brother now very few activities are irregular to do"
"It is estimated that the talent of cold front has long been famous in exile." A male Shen said that the id on the top of his head is "Seconds Immortality", but he used to have little contact with cold front, but he knows a lot about cold front.
"Is there?" Old uncle gave him a white look. "Aren’t you a poor man?"
Seconds don’t die, but I know his bad habit. I’m too lazy to argue with him about drinking tea cups.
Then the members chatted, which was also an interesting story of the past. Mad Dog Dragon was not the party concerned, but after chatting for a while, he also heard the general clue.
The first member who left in those years was Beixue Chu Qing, who married the vice president of the Guild of "Shock with Shock" in the Twisted Jungle, which ranked 29th in the mainland at that time, which was an absolute giant.
Her departure greatly stimulated her brother-in-law’s departure. Obsidian made a fortune by virtue of his excellent business mind. After accumulating the resources, he also realized his wish, that is, to make more money every day and get beautiful women.
My brother-in-law has established his own powerful business group in Obsidian. Now he is not just selling Obsidian, but developing in diversified industries. His business is measured by dragon coin units.
This party is rich, my uncle not only came all the way from Obsidian, but also took charge of all the parties, but Mad Dog Dragon really didn’t like him at all. Although he also likes money, he doesn’t like to show off in a stinking way.
I don’t know what kind of cold front left when my old uncle left, and the strangest thing about the cold front is that it left in exile. In the words of everyone, Mad Dog Dragon still heard it. Once, the cold front was very poor and often ate steamed bread because he knew nothing about business, and he would be addicted to martial arts practice. For people of grade one and several, this was simply a novice life.
However, Lengfeng has a strong personality and never accepts sympathy and charity from others. He only reluctantly accepts it after missing you and secretly helping him for a second.
Mad dog dragon also listened to secretly sigh that every top player had a hard time before becoming famous, and the reputation of cold front was made little by little in such a painful day.
As soon as Leng Feng left, the team went to the Justice League to practice alone, Xiaomi married the genius hall to be her happy little woman, and the two bosses Ned dissolved the guild and finally there was a gladiolus …
Huh? Wait, this gladiolus has never arrived and no one has appeared.
Mad dog Kong Lung missed you for a second and then said, "Lan Lan hasn’t come yet?"
Golden dream way "should be here at the moment? She has been in Ranger Warrior City for seven years, and she must be familiar with it. "
As soon as the words were finished, Xiaomi cheered, "Here comes Sister Lan Lan."
Looking down her eyes, I saw that the glass door was slowly pushed in by a beautiful figure.
The first impression Gladiolus gave Mad Dog Dragon was that this woman and Brother Leng could never be simple!
If it is possible, she is the same type as the cold front. Don’t be so sure because this gladiolus is too cold.
This kind of indifference is different from the noble Leng Yan, whose expression is very natural, but her body releases a cold that is hard to get close to. When you see this person, you will feel that she is unsociable and withdrawn, not like an iceberg, but a wild flower in the humble corner of the grassland.
But it was not until she came near you that she immediately felt an aggressive breath, which brought the same pressure to people.
Gladiolus dress is very simple, which is a kind of ordinary style, white clothes and black pants. It can be seen that she is not a rich player, and at the same time, she doesn’t wear makeup, which makes her look beautiful. She is not beautiful, but she is very attractive. The more you look at her, the more attractive she will be.
Gladiolus is slowly nodded to see all even a greeting.
However, after sweeping the coffee table, she still hesitated, "Cold Front … didn’t come?"
Golden dream immediately smiled and explained, "Xiao Leng is said to have lost his health, so he entrusted his friend, the cucumber brother, to greet everyone."
Gladiolus glanced at Mad Dog Dragon without saying anything, and then went straight to the balcony to sit alone.
But it’s this look that makes Mad Dog Dragon’s mood calm. Brother Leng and this woman can’t say for sure, but one thing is certain: Brother Leng didn’t want to see this woman before entrusting himself to come.
And brother leng wants to help this woman by himself. It must be to end a feud, but now it seems that he should have nothing to do with himself. This errand should be successfully completed.
Obviously, he is all wet.
Is it possible that a person at the level of Lengfeng entrusts you to do things?
Even if things are not big, they are very difficult! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and four gladiolus dilemma
This night is really a bit of a chat for Mad Dog Dragon, so these people have been chatting all afternoon. In the evening, everyone naturally has dinner and drinks, and if they drink too much, they will talk more.
Because he came for the cold front, Mad Dog Dragon spoke very little to these people, and Ji didn’t speak.
Although the dinner was rich, Mad Dog Dragon didn’t have much appetite to eat, because he noticed that gladiolus was also out of place with this group of people, and she sat there and didn’t talk much until Beixue Chu Qing talked to her occasionally.
Finally, a party ended in eating and drinking, and everyone said goodbye to each other at nine o’clock at night.
Mad dog dragon has been impatient for a long time. He is fed up with showing off, either boasting about how awesome he is or showing off his knowledge of some big shots.
However, when most people left the back hall, there were still three people who didn’t leave for a second and missed you. Beixue Chu Qing Beixue Chu Qing husband, a taciturn middle-aged man, showed good manners and grace.
I missed you for a second and motioned for the mad dog dragon to sit. "Brother Cucumber, tell me honestly, did Xiao Leng deliberately send you this time?" In fact, there is nothing in the roots of others? "
Mad dog dragon said with a wry smile, "I don’t know what he thinks. He never tells me this, but I will definitely come if he wants me to come."
If you miss it for a second, you will smile bitterly. "I haven’t seen him for seven years, but I still refuse to tell people the truth."
North Snow Chu Qing mused, "I think the cold front is intentional."
You can’t help saying, "What?"
North snow Chu Qing suddenly turned to mad dog dragon "are you married? Or is he seeing someone? "
"As far as I know, there seems to be no object or other object," said the mad dog dragon. "He rarely contacts people and has always been a loner."
It’s the same meaning when you look at each other at the beginning of the snow in the north and miss a second. Don’t say that that guy’s personality will remain unchanged for seven years, and he is afraid that he will not change for a generation.
Some people are stubborn, others are persistent, but stubborn and persistent. With the passage of time, it is difficult to distinguish who is right.
Beixue Chu Qing sighed long, "In fact, it was intentional. It’s been many years. Don’t worry, brother Lan Lan sent you to visit."
"What’s the matter?" Mad dog dragon is curious.
This is really an old story. The first half of it is almost exactly the same as the experience of Mad Dog Dragon. A novice village recruit is ignorant and fantasizes about going to the world to see the prosperity of the world, so it is similar to a feat of going to Hoefeld from a short-tempered village
But Leng Feng-hsien didn’t have the shit luck of Mad Dog Dragon to meet three great poems halfway, so the legendary man fell hungry in the ravine before he reached the Knight Warrior City. Fortunately, the mine dug by gladiolus and rescued him and brought him to this bustling Knight Warrior City.
The first day was very hard, and the world was prosperous. You saw that the problem was that novices were not backed by big guilds and powerful forces. In this prosperous environment, the final result was misery, poverty, starvation and even being bullied. Of course, they were lucky to join the fate.
Although the guild is small, at least they have a small shelter. In the coming struggle, Cold Front and Gladiolus, two very similar people, are deeply attracted to each other by their perseverance, strength and charm.