That man has a buzz cut and a big figure, and he walks casually, and he looks very energetic. Only when he walks to the commentary desk can others see his face clearly.

"It’s Meng Changjun!"
"It’s really a single Meng Changjun in the ZG team!"
"Is the ZG team very powerful?"
"Of course, the ZG team is not as powerful as the top three in lpl, but this time it has also reached the wg World Finals. A few days later, they will join the Ghost Team in the Taicang Finals in Jiangsu."
There was such a sound in the crowd
Even Lu Zhan was surprised if it wasn’t him. He clearly remembered that Xia Lingyao told him for the first time that Meng Changjun was good at supporting China and had always been the strongest single player in the country.
I heard that the so-called ZG team means that all five members of the Warring States team are famous during the Warring States period. Meng Changjun is the captain of the ZG team. Although this person is not necessarily the first in the circle level, his influence is not inferior to theirs. It seems that this great man is indeed true.
"On behalf of twelve universities in Jinling, I welcome you!" The light rain led the audience to applaud and welcome many audiences to Meng Changjun’s appearance. Now they have come back to feel that even if the game is not wonderful, just watching a Meng Changjun person is considered.
After all, the fans of competing stars are very common now, and the domineering stars like Meng Changjun are also very popular in Jinling No.12 School.
"Thank you!" Meng Changjun also smiled and said
"It’s very kind of you to say that the ZG team horse is going to participate in the wg finals, but we are all very excited that you can come all the way from the sea to watch our game!" Xiaoxue said
"Ha ha, actually, I’m here to see a player improvise!" Meng Changjun said.
"Who is it?" Xiaoyu asked, and she also asked a lot of questions including Lu Zhan.
At this time, Li Zhezhe, the Tai Chi Tiger team, is ready to get up. He is wondering why the audience is so stupid. He is the only one who can get involved with ZG here.
He can be chosen to go to ZG team, that is, Meng Changjun has someone to ask him. Although he and Meng Changjun have never met, he feels that Meng Changjun can really admire him for coming to see Jinling Cup. He feels that there is nothing wrong with staying in China to play professionally.
But a word from Meng Changjun broke his fantasy.
"Of course, I have to see Su Xiaomei when I come here, but more importantly, I want to see an analyst named Lu Zhanren’s Ghost Team who bet me that Shan has already surpassed me in this player. I don’t believe that I will prove her wrong!" Meng Changjun said slowly.
Meng Changjun said these words and immediately talked about it.
Su Yueran’s brother is Su Huanjen, which is known to many people. It is not surprising that the candidates have exchanges.
But who is Lu Zhan? Although it is obvious to all that Lu Zhan has played in the past two days, everyone regards Lu Zhan as a better player. Now Meng Changjun says that Lu Zhan’s single ability has overtaken him, which is surprising!
At the same time, An Zhe’s brain was "stunned". What happened? His future team captain didn’t come to see him?
Don’t look at him, but look at his opponent Lu Zhan, which makes him unable to accept it.
"Lu Zhan, wait for me. I’ll make you suffer enough when you choose someone later, and I’ll crush you to death in the game!" An Youxi clenched his fist and sat back with a jerk.
Chapter 167 Land Exhibition Tactics
After hearing the commentary, Lu Zhan was in distress situation. The team analyst must be Xia Lingyao. I don’t know if Xia Lingyao boasted himself in front of this Meng Changjun and asked Meng Changjun to come and see him.
Specially invited guests appeared on the stage, and a small commotion soon passed. Light rain and light snow announced the game. At this time, Lu Zhan and others brought headphones and could not hear the outside sound.
"As we all know, the Taiji Tiger team showed that the strength of crushing all opponents in these two days’ competition was solved in about 2 minutes. I don’t know what good methods will be taken against the Taiji Tiger win team!" Ban explained himself when he chose the scenery.
I didn’t expect that there was a hiss at the mention of Taiji Tiger Team, which was not only the home advantage of Jinling University, but also the shame of the audience.
"the win team is also good, and it is also a victory!" Light snow quickly added
"Well, it’s so good. ban’s election is already in the middle." Feng Se went on to say that after this delay, four heroes have been ban on both sides.
Because the Taiji Tiger team has no weakness, the win team is a regular ban, and the two heroes, Da Shen and Blind Monk, are both good, but they are not good enough to be released.
However, Tai Chi Tiger Team ban dropped Leopard Lady and Lux, and in the third ban Tai Chi Tiger ban dropped the barrel, and in the third ban, it was obvious that it was aimed at the landing exhibition to ban all the heroes who had played better in the land exhibition.
"yeah!" See this ban xiaoshengqiang let out a cheer.
Several other people are also very worried that what they are most worried about has not happened. Xiao Chengjiang and Riven are still present.
Although the other side chooses the hero first, to be honest, the probability of their choosing Riven is not high, so they are all relieved.
Lu Zhan is also very worried about this. Xiao Chengjiang Riven must take it out. This is their secret weapon. It seems that Tai Chi Tiger is really conceited and has not investigated them, but Lu Zhan already knows the problem that conceit equals suicide.
Now Lu Zhan still has a ban quota in his hand, but he is hesitant. It is obvious that the hero who is best at robbing is the hero who makes him entangled.
The first three Tai Chi tiger robberies were all dropped by ban, and he didn’t know what level the other team could reach.
If ban robs him, he can choose ban to lose other positions. His teammates are not good at heroes, but if he doesn’t rob him, it means that he will face the strongest hero of the other side!
This choice is really difficult to make.
"ban robbed it!" Xiao Chengjiang looked at Lu Zhan and understood the contradiction in his heart. After all, the single line with the robbery was Lu Zhan himself, and the other three also nodded their heads.
But when seconds passed, when Lu Zhan locked the last ban, it was impressively that ban dropped the opponent’s front auxiliary position and played well, Leona, not robbery!
"What?" Su Yueran Diane eyebrow a wrinkly to ask
"I want to face him head-on!" Lu Zhan wiped the keyboard seriously and said
"Well" four people suddenly expressed their understanding of Lu Zhan.
In fact, Lu Zhan has another plan, that is, although the other party may not choose Riven, it is still possible to choose not to rob ban now, which means giving the robbery to the other party to choose first, which will cut off the possibility of Tai Chi Tiger taking Riven.
This kind of ban IQ game is already handy, even if a battle-hardened professional analyst chooses ban, that’s all.
Seeing Tai Chi Tiger’s first choice, he really took the land robbery exhibition and smiled softly and said, "Comrades, after all, this is the last battle in his life. I will let him die gloriously!"
After listening to his words, several people in the win team will smile. They all know that this land exhibition is for real.
After the final selection, Tai Chi Tiger Array is very common. Jax is the only one to rob the wild, spider ad is the aircraft aid and hammer stone.
The win team is more exotic. They are Riven ad alone, policewoman assisted by Nami. It’s nothing, but playing wild and single position is a nightmare and one is a card!
Ball flow!
The audience who knew League of Legends immediately thought of the word nightmare and card. These two heroes can support nearly half of the map and can do it very quickly.
When a hero with this ability appears twice, it is called the ball flow play. This kind of play supports quickly, and there will be a sharp wave of catching people at Level 6, which is difficult to defend.
This reminds me of the well-known Lu Zhan’s promise to blow up his opponent in 25 minutes, and it’s already white to say that the explanation will hit the audience. This is the early stage of arresting people.
"Everyone has seen this array, so I would like to ask Meng Changjun what do you think of win’s play?" After thinking about it, Feng Se decided to ask the professional players for advice first.
"The advantage of ball flow is that when there is a big move, the disadvantage of that wave of arresting people is that there is no team battle and big move, and it is inconvenient to play a group. If you really want to target it, the Tai Chi Tiger team can actually get together and push at level 6, so that the advantage of the first wave of ball flow is not so obvious. Personally, I feel that this strategy of win team is actually very broken, which is not so high." Meng Changjun said.
It is obviously impossible for him to know about the 25-minute promise, but his understanding of League of Legends is still very deep. He glanced at Lu Zhan intentionally.
"Well, it is estimated that the win team also knows this problem and chose Nami, who has strong backhand ability, as an assistant so that the team battle will be better!"
Although Lu Zhan couldn’t hear what the commentary was saying, he knew that there must be a discussion about their candidates outside.
In fact, Lu Zhan’s choice of this style of play is by no means targeted. He studied it for a long time last night, and today he also had a private exchange with Lin Zhengzheng, and finally introduced Nami’s assistance.
Meng Changjun said that those Lu Zhan knew Tai Chi Tiger Team, but Lu Zhan still took out this style of play for his own reasons, and that was because he had repeatedly studied it and would not bring it if it was immature.
So when the audience saw that the game appeared in the semi-area, the win team sneaked into the opponent’s wild area from their own wild area for the first time, and the line of people didn’t even stop. It was not normal for the first-level group to try one step at a time.
"Is this going to force a first-class regiment?" Explain the wind and exclaim
Yes, the key point of this style of play is to fight the first-class regiment.
In fact, the threat of land exhibition ball flow to the enemy is not from level 6 but from level 1!
Chapter 16 crouching in the grass
What is the weakness of Taiji Tiger Team?
Personally speaking, they are undoubtedly the strongest in the whole competition, but good personal skills can mean that their consciousness is better and their cooperation is not bad after a long period of running-in, but it does not mean that they will be strong in tactics.